Tanner Wiseman

My favorite part of Making Destination Fear is traveling all over the country with my best friends! Being able to go to all these iconic locations, see all across America and go on amazing adventures with my friends is something I will always cherish.

What makes this launch of “Fear Gear” so special is we sat down to come up with a brand that is not just geared towards paranormal fans but fans of ours in general. We wanted to create cool street wear that wasn’t just our faces. We want to continue creating cool clothes that we are proud to represent and hope you all enjoy as well.

My favorite item in the shop is the Black Hoodie. The material is so soft! I love duck patch that we created! And the skeleton duck on the back is the cherry on top for one bad ass hoodie.

Alex Schroeder

My favorite part of making Destination Fear is going on this crazy adventure with my lifelong friends. Honestly, without them having my back I would not have made it through most nights.

What makes this new launch of “Fear Gear” so special is not only did we incorporate memorable moments from the show and fused them into apparel, with the help from the Star Cadet team we were able to make a brand that can appeal to not just the lovers of our show but a wide variety of individuals. 

My favorite item from the shop is definitely the Fear Gear Destination t-shirt. It reminds me of an old Horror Slasher movie poster.


My favorite part about Destination Fear is having the opportunity to travel to some of the most historic, iconic, and haunted locations in the world!

The goal for fear gear was to establish a brand that is inclusive, high quality and inspires fear-filled adventures. We hope fans love the quality and unique designs!

My favorite item in the shop are the necklaces and keychains I was able to design and make.

Dakota Laden

I love that Destination Fear was all started from a passion project that I got to create with my sister and lifelong best friends. Having created content with Tanner and Alex for all of my life, it is a dream come true to produce a TV show with them. 

I think the fans will love Fear Gear because it is VERY personal to us. For as long as I've created content, I've hid a rubber duck somewhere in the background of every project. The rubber duck has become our easter egg. To have the staple logo of "Fear Gear" be a skeletonized rubber duck is pretty damn awesome. 

I am most proud of the Leopard Print Rockstar Shirt LOL. I originally wore the Rockstar Shirt in our episode at "Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" and it became a big hit with the fans (and the ladies). Now for the first time our fans can finally purchase their very own Rockstar Shirt and that makes me very proud.



Penhurst Paracon: MAY 19th -21st
Michigan Paracon: August 24 - 26
Paraunity Expo: November 3rd - 5th
What's with the duck?

The Duck was first found by Dakota in an old abandoned rubber duck factory in Cleveland, OH. From there the Destination Fear crew have put it in their YouTube videos and episodes of destination fear as an Easter egg for people to try and find! It’s like their calling card and their team mascot! So naturally it became to logo for the Fear Gear brand and got a new spooky x-ray look. Logo design by our friend at Star Cadet, Bailey Galloway.